The often-understated key points of B2B marketing

To be effective, a B2B marketing strategy must:

  • Identify all of the actors in the business process, especially the specifiers involved.
  • Generate opportunities and qualified business contacts (leads), in addition to building brand awareness and image
Acquisition process | Zekluu

Our clients’ business objectives are the starting point when we start building the most appropriate strategy for them, as well as the related action plan.

Below is a list of some of the improvement areas that we frequently identify, particularly in the architecture and building sector, but also with manufacturers in the lighting and energy efficiency industry. There might be many others:

  • The brand’s website should be its first and main channel of communication: optimizing it is an absolute priority. A good SEO firm allows you to define the best web design and significantly increase qualified traffic to your site. Are you interested in analyzing your website’s SEO efficiency? Contact us if you would like more information

  • The content on your website should be aimed at quickly addressing the needs and questions of the prospective customer, inviting them to leave their information with you. Investing in relevant content and data capture strategies is definitely worth it (landing pages, forms, newsletters, etc.). Would you like to optimize your website content or develop a data capture strategy? Contact us for more information

  • Integrating direct marketing actions by using specialized industry media can be very helpful in terms of increasing awareness and entering new or export markets. Is your goal to develop a brand presence outside of the national market, whether in France or the rest of Europe? Are you searching for database segmentation? Contact us

At Zekluu, we are a team of experts in B2B marketing and communications. We support export businesses and those with an international presence, helping them to strengthen their visibility, define their message and develop their business.

We design and implement both targeted actions and medium to long-term plans for our clients, identifying and communicating with key actors in their markets, from Specifiers to Buyers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your B2B marketing needs.