Objet Particulier, a creator of unique and timeless designs

Objet Particulier, a Spanish creator-artisan, designs and produces made-to-measure coverings in straw marquetry, galuchat and parchment applied on new, lighter and more functional support surfaces for interior design projects.

Objet Particulier gives a new dimension to the historical techniques of straw marquetry and galuchat. While perpetuating its artistic excellence, it innovates by applying them to new surfaces, whose lightness and functionality prove to be of great value to architects and interior designers: HPL, solid surface, duropolymer, etc.

It thus multiplies the possible applications of historical techniques and materials in today’s interior design projects.

Objet Particulier designs and creates bespoke decorative coverings by hand, applying straw, galuchat and parchment marquetry to interior design projects.

It enhances wall or ceiling panels, screens and interior partitions, light fittings, furniture and decorative objects with its elegant, custom-designed wall coverings, making them unique and different.

Suppose the decorative interest of straw marquetry or galuchat panelling is undeniable. In that case, the innovative application of these natural materials on HPL, Duropolymer or Solid Surface now multiplies their architectural value for professionals in this sector. 

Located in Gijón (Asturias, Spain), Objet Particulier stands out for generating innovation from respect for tradition, and sophistication from simplicity. 

«We have developed our own working protocols: craftsmanship in the execution according to techniques dating back to the 17th century, combined with innovation in their application to today’s relevant surfaces, so that our decorative panellings respond to the real constructive needs of an interior design project: easy installation and maintenance; durability and resistance to abrasion, fire and humidity; lightness, minimum thicknesses even in large formats, flexibility and curvature, resistance to expansion and contraction, among others», explains Mamen Diego, designer and founder of Objet Particulier.

With delicate gestures, her team of artisans prepares and works the straw, galuchat leather or parchment according to the needs of each project. It is committed to the beauty and uniqueness of the textures, the excellence of the finishes, the luxury of the details and the functionality of the workmanship. 

Straw marquetry, a highly appreciated decorative art in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, was reborn in France in the 1920s. It combines the classic technique of wood marquetry with a material of extreme simplicity and innumerable virtues, straw. 

Straw is tough and shiny, thanks to the silicon it contains. It is rot-proof and its high gloss is unalterable. 

The artist’s creative vision and technical mastery bring to light all the beauty and sophistication that this humble material, very present in ancient Asturian architecture, can provide. 

Galuchat is still little known despite being a material that has been used and highly valued for more than three centuries, particularly for the high craftsmanship of the leather.

Galuchat is the name given to the skin of the dogfish and stingray, inhabitants of the Asian seas, a very hard leather, characterized by its visible ivory pearls. 

Objet Particulier makes it its own and applies it, alone or in combination with other materials, according to the art of leather marquetry. When upholstering panels, interior partitions, furniture or decorative objects, it plays with the thicknesses of the material, the sizes of the pearls, and the tones and textures to create finishes of great elegance that one never tires of caressing.

Parchment is also a historical material, born as an alternative writing support at a time when papyrus was scarce. 

Objet Particulier uses sheepskin or goatskin, transformed and dyed, and brings it back into the limelight by using it as a luxurious covering for curved or angular surfaces on panels, partitions, furniture or decorative objects.

Environmental sensitivity

Objet Particulier only works with natural materials in terms of coatings (straw, galuchat, parchment) and with natural or highly recyclable materials in terms of supports (wood, MDF, HPL, duropolymer, etc.).

All internal processes, both production and logistics, have been intentionally designed to achieve an eco-responsible virtuous circle:

  • The consumption of raw materials is minimized in order to maximize the use of each piece.;
  • Water consumption generated by the processes is close to zero;
  • Energy consumption is minimal, as the processes are essentially manual;
  • All waste from creative production is also reused or recycled internally to continue creating.

Furthermore, the careful choice of raw materials reaffirms their eco-responsible vision:

Straw is a waste from the agricultural sector, which the artisan use revalorizes through processes of dyeing with natural pigments, transformation and, finally, decorative application.

Galuchat comes from fish of non-protected species that are not endangered. They form part of the traditional diet of the inhabitants of the region in which they live. Their artisanal use thus revalues a potential waste product.

Parchment is animal skin, left over from the food industry. It is transformed by cleaning, stretching, scraping and dyeing processes that turn it into a valuable material for craft creation and give it a new life.

Objet Particulier combines artistic vision and craftsmanship with technical mastery to create luxury, unique and exclusive bespoke decorative coverings.


Visit: www.objetparticulier.com