A digital presence, key for the future of B2B brands

Due to the uncertainty caused by the present situation, companies must take actions that not only consider how to stop current blows, but which also focus on promoting future recovery. More than ever, those with a long-term vision and the ability to adapt will be able to withstand these circumstances, although the end of the lockdown will probably not lead to immediate acceleration.

Digital activity will continue growing: an online presence, which is already fundamental, has become critical for all sectors.

Staying in touch with customers and specifiers, adapting your message, and being present on all communication channels, thus ensuring brand visibility and direct contact with your markets, are fundamental. The same goes for continuing to convey trust, efficiency, and professionalism.

According to Eurostat 2019, only 32% of European Union companies in the construction sector are present on social media, as opposed to 44% of companies in the industrial field, and 58% of companies in the retail sector. This is far from 81% of companies in the tourist accommodation sector (hospitality and others). Their website tend also to be more limited and less interactive, despite it being key in B2B brands’ strategy nowadays.

Although these differences vary from country to country, the construction and architecture field clearly has room for improvement in the digital world.

Emprises using social media | Eurostat

Social media offers a multitude of applications in the B2B realm: from a direct line of communication with customers and prescribers, to a customer service platform, to a powerful tool for training. On the other hand, an efficient webpage is an essential and strategic tool, designed to achieve specific and relevant business objectives and allowing results tracking.

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