The window market in France

We summarise the market study commissioned by the French professional organisations SNFA, UMB-FFB, and UFME about the French window market in 2021.

It contains relevant information not only for foreign window and door manufacturers interested in the French market but may also be important to complementary industries such as glass, metal or wooden carpentry or the passive solar protection sector.

Units sold amount to 11,244,000 “frames”, up for the first time since 2015, with 12% more compared to 2019.

Key figures:

? The prevailing material, in terms of the number of frames marketed, is PVC (59%), followed by aluminium (31%) and wood (8%).

? Windows are mainly manufactured in France (88.6%) compared with imported windows (11.4%).

? Regarding the application area, 64% of the windows sold were for residential renovation, 24% for new residential construction, and the remaining 6% and 5% for non-residential renovation and new non-residential building, respectively.

? The most sold category is hinged windows (89.5%). Out of that product category, 37% consists of tilt and turn windows.

For more information on additional features, types of glass, certifications, etc., please refer to the report published by L’Union des Fabricants de Menuiseries (UFME):