Barcelona’s Architectural riches, Available to All.

Each year, during the last weekend of October, 48H Open House Barcelona is held in the city. This event allows you to discover the great architectural riches of the Catalan capital, for free.

Moreover, the 2019 installment is a special edition, marking the 10th anniversary of the event, which remains committed to its goal of promoting architecture as something that should be recognized as an essential part of any culture.

In its 10th edition, Open House Barcelona will be centered around the topic of Female Architects. Thus, the event has decided to select ten professionals from the industry, with each one representing a different part of the festival, or one of its geographical areas.

Indeed, one of the secrets that makes Barcelona so well-known for its architecture is the harmonious way in which Gothic, Romanesque and Modernist architectural styles coexist in the city, in addition to myriad contemporary trends. This fact is even more evident at Open House Barcelona, where you can visit buildings from all of these different styles, taking an authentic trip through the history of architecture and art, all in a single weekend.

The event goes beyond simple, superficial visits, offering attendants the possibility of participating in guided tours with professionals, allowing you to gain an even more detailed understanding of each building.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to walk around the city’s Gothic Borough and visit the discreet, majestic Cathedral with its impeccable Gothic style, or the terraces of the Catedral del Mar. Plus, take a moment to enjoy the fascinating modernist works that are open to the public, like the Antigua Fábrica Casaramona (Caixaforum) or the Arc de Triomf.

Santa Maria del Mar church in Barcelona, Spain.

In total, more than 200 spaces throughout Barcelona, as well as different cities in the Metropolitan Area and Maresme County, will open their doors with the goal of making the city’s great architectural riches more accessible, not only to professionals, but also those simply interested in the world of architecture.

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